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    11 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Better

    It just is.

    1. No more invasions of your personal space

    2. You don’t have to sneak around and hide so people don’t start to follow you

    3. No shopkeeper is judging you to see if you’re a worthy customer

    4. No more embarassing encounters in the changing room

    5. You don’t have to move. Fullstop.

    6. You can cheat on stores without feeling bad. ultimate player game/ savers game

    7. You know you’re addicted but no one can tell. You’re safe online

    8. Shopping overseas with ease

    9. All day. Every day. On the bus, to work, at work, in the bathroom...

    10. The Internet is open all the time. 3:00 am, Time to hit the stores!

    11. Finally, no more crowds, crazy long check out lines, changing room lines and anything lines