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The Threadstaff Gives Thanks!

Here's a few things the Threadless staff is thankful for this season. We paired 'em up with some Threadless designs just for fun.

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I am thankful for oversized, other-shaped gummy bears. - Jillian, Creative Team

I'm incredibly thankful my parents didn't get blown away in the tornado Sunday. Also, ham. Ham is delicious. - Katie, Warehouse

I am thankful for this fresh zit on my face, keeping me in check. - Jake, Founder/CEO

I am thankful for the awesome beards that I get to see everyday that reminds me of my lack of an awesome beard. - Al, Finance Department

I'm thankful for a lot, I feel really fortunate. My family as always, the two new babies we welcomed this summer (niece and nephew), and of course my job, to have one at all, but then to have the one I do, I'm very thankful! - Angie, Production Dept.

I am thankful for Craig Shimala's dunking skills...but not in a Yeti costume...because he can't dunk with that thing on. - Bryan, warehouse

I am thankful for Daft Punk, Breaking Bad, and gymnastics bloopers. - Petey, warehouse

I am thankful for my friends. - Sarah, Finance Department

I'm thankful for pizza and sushi. - Stacie, warehouse

I am thankful that I've met and enjoyed the work of artists around the world. But most of all, I am thankful for pickles. - Jess Hanebury, community manager

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