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    The Most Metal Tees On Threadless

    Think Threadless is just cats with lazer eyes, and diametrically opposed protagonists co-existing in harmony (cookie loves milk anyone?). Peel back a few layers of cute and clever and these brutally Metal designs will rise up to the surface of your nightmares....

    Terror Vincit Omnia

    Grim reaper, check…upside-down cross, check…words you can't understand, check..yep it's definitely metal. Terror Vincit Omnia by Matheus Lopes Castro

    Hot Chicks On Wolves

    American 80's Fantasy-Metal band Manowar would absolutely approve of this amazing design. Pick up Hot Chicks On Wolves by Dick Firestorm and Aled Lewis and be the hit at your next D&D sesh.

    Metal Fan

    The human subject in this clever design is clearly a devoted fan of New Wave of British heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon. Run to the hills and grab Metal Fan by Ole Ivar Rudi

    The Last F*ckin Unicorn

    If you've ever found yourself watching the movie Legend and rooted for Tim Curry to destroy that last pesky unicorn and plunge the world into eternal darkness, then this design is definitely for you. The Last F*ckin Unicorn by Dick Firestorm and Sam Schuna

    Oh The Horror

    I'm too scared to watch most of the movies referenced in this design, but the pentagram is clearly reminiscent of the greatest Thrash-metal band of all time: Slayer. Oh The Horror by Matt Pringle


    Decapitating yourself and riding some sort of beast through a pile of skulls whilst brandishing a very old battle axe is generally considered to be pretty Metal. The late, great Frank Frazetta would definitely approve of this design. Metal by Alex Ziritt

    War Pigs

    Nothing is more metal than a design inspired by the very creators of metal. War Pigs is hands down, undisputedly the most metal tee on Threadless. Pick up your own copy of this design and you'll be cozy as a witch at a black mass. War Pigs by Josh Billings