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Disney's Evil Ladies

In celebration of the premiere of the Maleficent movie trailer (Have you seen it? It’s creeeepy!), we wanted to take the time to nod our caps to some of the most evil women in the Disney universe. Whether it’s the clutches of Ursula’s tentacles, a tempting apple from the Wicked Queen, or a curse from Maleficent, the deceiving traps of these wrathful women are something you’d surely prefer to avoid.

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Magnificent Maleficent by Winona Hwang

What do you do when a friend doesn’t invite you to their new baby’s ceremony? You try to kill the child, of course! Well, at least that’s what Maleficent tried to do. Luckily for Baby Aurora, the deadly curse placed on her was reduced to a near-eternal sleep... but still!


Ursulines by Patrick Seymour

Ursula, the tentacled terror, is one sassy squid. Upset to have been kicked out of King Triton’s royal palace, Ursula seeks her revenge by terrorizing the already love-torn life of poor, sweet Ariel. You slimy, Ursula.

The Wicked Queen

Wicked Wiles by Yuri Lobo

There’s something wrong with this vain villain. The Wicked Queen marries the king to gain power, hires someone to murder Snow White (her own step-daughter), then casts a sleeping spell on her in the hopes that the Seven Dwarfs will BURY HER ALIVE. That’s just about the darkest thing we’ve ever heard… *shudders*

Cruella de Vil

Puppy Love by Paul Tippett

OK, who could even think of harming a precious puppy, much less a whole litter of them?! Miss de Vil needs to be tied to a chair and forced to watch that Sarah McLachlan commercial until she comes around, right?

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen by Juan Carlos Pivaral

One could argue that the Queen of Hearts is a 100% pure psycho. She’s angry, violent, hateful and a poor sport! Really, though, she smacks a cute hedgehog with a flamingo as some sort of sick version of croquet. Not only that, but she also beheads people! Talk about a wild card...

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