Artist Quotes From This Week’s Designers!

Every week, we bring you an entirely new batch of incredible designs. Not only do these designs come from artists all over the world, but they come from many different sources of inspiration. We love knowing what an artist was thinking as they crafted their artwork, and we figured you would too. Below, check out what this week’s designers had to say about their newest Threadless prints!

Robocat” by Elan Harris

“I am a total sci-fi head with a particular nostalgia for ’80s sci-fi movies and have always wanted to make a T - shirt that parodies this genre. To combine a cat into the design was a huge bonus since I have two awesome cats, and am a general animal lover. I am very excited for today’s launch of Robocat and, coincidently, also start a safari today where I hope to see some really big cats!”

Bread and Butter” by Xylo Riescent

The idea came to me one lazy Monday morning while having a breakfast. I was about to spread the butter onto the bread when the idea struck me. I did the design right after taking a shower.

Flying Far Far Away” by HeyAle

I’ve always been fascinated by hot air balloons and the idea that they can take you anywhere you want to go. A few times, I’ve seen a hot air balloon taking off near my house really early in the morning. Watching it flying away while the sun rises is a sight I absolutely love, and it’s what inspired me to make this illustration.

Kids Draw T-Rex” by Artemple

I consider myself an artist with a undefined style, as many of my designs state so. Experimenting new placements, techniques, themes and color combinations are some of the reasons. This particular design is actually a memory of my childhood from when I used to like dinosaurs and draw them with chalk everywhere. Some of us may have been there already, for the simple reason that we have to listen to what our minds tells us…to express ourselves.

They Loved the Landscape to Death” by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

This design was inspired from the famous saying ‘til death do us part.’

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