A Dire Wolf’s Guide To Wolf Tees

Per the Game of Thrones wiki: “An adult direwolf is as large as a small horse, and can rip a man’s arm from its socket.” Keep that in mind when gifting these wolf tees to the beasts.

1. Lady / “Beauty or Beast”

For Lady, the gentlest of the six dire wolves, might we suggest “Beauty or Beast” by Jasmi Ottelin. Please do not harm our arms.

2. Shaggydog / “Eternal Enemy”

Shaggy-D (can we call you Shaggy-D?), as the fiercest of the dire wolves, consider “Eternal Enemy” by Arindra Prakaso. Please do not rip out our throats.

3. Nymeria / “Dire Wolf”

Nymeria, as Arya’s protector, you deserve this brand new “Dire Wolf” design by Jon Habens. We hope you like it enough to only SLIGHTLY maim us.

4. Grey Wind / “The Wolf King”

“The Wolf King” by Dan Burgess is only fitting for Grey Wind, protector of the king of Winterfell. We would appreciate it if you didn’t look at us like that.

5. Summer / “The Mountain Wolf”

Hello Summer. You know how Bran used to love to climb so friggin’ much? “The Mountain Wolf” is your match. Do not crush our bones with your powerful jaws.

6. Ghost / “Howl Around Town”

Ghost has been wandering apart from Jon Snow, just like “Howl Around Town” by Pat Perry. Probably not on a bike, though. Don’t kill us.

7. You / “Adopt a Dire Wolf”

Looking to get your own vicious protector? Take a gander at “Adopt a Dire Wolf” by Sean A. Husbands and no one will pester you again with goofy lists.

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