9 Tees For Hugging It Out On National Hugging Day

It’s National Hugging Day. Guess what that means? It means it’s the best holiday. Sorry I’m not sorry, but this holiday is better than Christmas. Let’s compare: on Christmas you get stuff, on National Hugging Day you get hugs. On Christmas you get fruitcake, on National Hugging Day you get hugs. On Christmas you get carols, on National Hugging Day you get hugs. Are we tracking here? In celebration, we’ve compiled our favorite “hug” tees to really show the love. You know how Christmas is all about ugly sweaters? National Hugging Day is all about sweet tees. Just wanted to throw that out there in case you were still on the fence whether National Hugging Day is in fact better than Christmas.

1. Hugs Keep Us Alive! Design by Lim Heng Swee

If your organs didn’t hug, you’d be dead. Something to keep in mind.

2. Bread and Butter by Xylo Riescient

Your morning toast is so full of snugs and hugs.

3. Love Yourself by Lim Heng Swee

Love yourself, hug yourself, love yourself, hug yourself.

4. Be Close to Nature by Jeremyville

Trees are treehuggers too.

5. Group Hug by Mellin Paulo Bernardo

A group hug never tasted so good.

6. Bear Hug by Justin White

Love thy bear. They hug.

7. Let’s Revolve by Jeremyville

… and, let’s do it while hugging.

8. I Love Hugs by Aled Lewis

F$%# yes I do.

9. Hug by Lora Zombie

So many arms, so many hugs.

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