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10 Doctor Who Designs For Every Kind Of Whovian

With The Day of the Doctor just around the corner, we’re geeking out over Doctor Who here at the Threadless HQ. No matter how or why you love the Who, if you’re looking for some great designs to celebrate 50 years of your love for the doctor, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

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The Fan Fictioner

You’ve authored 57 short stories housed on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, and you’re currently working on a sci-fi film-noir genre mash-up called The Who, The What, and The Where. You’re pretty sure it’s going to be the next 50 Shades of Grey. This design is exactly what you imagined for the cover.

You’re The Sci-Fi Superfan

You run your city’s chapter of the Doctor Who sci-fi society. You have 11 epic and perfectly detailed cosplay costumes for every doctor yet. You’re into hard sci-fi, and while some series fans gush over the character development and superior writing in the series, you know it’s really about the epic conflict between Time Lords and Daleks, insanely imaginative alien races, and breaking the barriers of the space time continuum. You might have written a screenplay for a Doctor Who spin-off that’s currently on its 3rd draft.

You’re The Geeky Goth

You’re definitely an indoor kid, and everything you own is black, studded, and/or shiny vinyl. Just because you live in the suburbs and have a small army of Doctor Who collectibles in your action figure collection doesn’t mean you don’t have pain. You know the Doctor’s travels brim with darkness, and this macabre mash-up of The Silence and The Weeping Angels speaks to your simultaneous desires to sneak through the world unnoticed while craving constant attention. Super goth.

You’re The Disney Princess Type

The only thing you love more than Doctor Who is a Disney Princess. You’re probably a young female in the 14-22 demographic (at least at heart), and you aren’t blind to the fact that the last couple Doctors have been, well, hunks. If you have a locker, Matt Smith’s photo stares invitingly at you above your mirror, and you can’t decide whether to plan your hypothetical future wedding as Disney or Doctor Who Themed- although you know it will definitely take place in your local botanical gardens.

Here are two designs depending on what sorta Disney-Princess-Type you are: Cinderella for the more traditional, and Belle for the more rebellious sort with a taste for badboys.

You’re The Pop Culture Aficionado

You liked Dr. Who in the 90s, before it became cool again. You can’t wait until your podcast on lesser known doctor who trivia takes off so that you’ll be invited as a guest expert to the next VH1 Remember-The-Whatever-Era Doctor Who special (you already were invited to speak on their Remember the 90s special based on your 90’s-centric movie review webisodes). You thrive on references, and this design really gets you.

You’ve got The Who Family

While most families spend their Saturday evenings screaming at eachother over cell phone calls about curfews, yours sits down and watches Doctor Who on the BBC. You know that a family that watches Doctor Who together, stays together, and that’s all the religion you need.

You’re A Modern “Mike Teavee”

You might not even really love Doctor Who- you just really, really love television. You’re moving on to the British catalog of television shows since you’ve already exhausted binge watching the best of the US on Project Free Tv, and you’re kicking off with everyone’s favorite Time Lord series. You’re stoked to see this design because you geek out to the fact you totally get both references (that’s Abed and Troy from Community playing Inspector Spacetime on the other side of that wall- for all you less TV savvy).

You’re The Hipster Whovian

On trend with the kaleidoscopic galaxy trend sweeping everyone’s Pinterest lookbook boards, and obscure enough that only those “in the know” will get the reference. You maybe didn’t like Doctor Who before it was cool, but you definitely liked it before everyone else realized exactly how cool Doctor Who is. You also have resist the temptation to spout “the older series are way better” every time a friend asks if you’ve watched the 11th Doctor’s escapades.

You’re A Dalek

Ok, so...not a Doctor Who design, but if you’re a Dalek, you probably wouldn’t want one of those anyway. Instead, here’s a design commemorating the robotic uprising of the mid-90’s when the Earth robots used poisonous gasses to poison our human asses. Nothing could make the mechanical wiring of your power center swoon more than this cold, emotionless robot with a knack for human extermination.

Just a lil’ Who-mor...hehe...

You’re The Hardcore Whovian

Here’s a perfect design for when you absolutely need to match the custom tardis wallpaper you have decorating your living room. You did have a Doctor Who themed wedding, and each of your groomsmen dressed as different incarnations of the Doctor. You have a TARDIS mini fridge at your desk, and you just may have painted your front door to look like a police box as well (to show your neighbors how your house is “bigger on the inside”)

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