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10 Threadless Designs That Would Make Great Movies.

The release of "NWLC2: Meow or Never," the winning design from our Movies That Don't Exist Yet design challenge, got us thinking, "What if we made movies out of existing Threadless designs?" The result was a slew of what we thought to be amazing screenplays, though the producers we pitched didn't seem to agree...

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Genre: Action

What if Abraham Lincoln WASN'T shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth in 1865? What if he was shot by a TIME GUN that allowed him to travel through time on a whim and kick major butt wherever he's needed? First stop, Jurassic era.

It's Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets Die Hard, but with dinosaurs.

The Great White Stallion

Genre: Drama

After an accident leaves her beloved horse horribly maimed, an up-and-coming horseback rider must come to terms with the result of her hoofed companion's life-saving operation. A story of overcoming obstacles, The Great White Stallion is sure to be one of this year's most beautiful tear-jerkers.

Saw Black Beauty in half, attach the head of Jaws, add some tears, and you've got The Great White Stallion.

Off The Reservoir

Genre: Family/Kids

As a group of canines travel cross country to reunite with their owner, suspicions arise between the pack that one of them may be an undercover cat...

Reservoir Dogs meets Homeward Bound

I Want To Believe

Genre: Romantic Drama

A story of love and disapproval, I Want To Believe follows the trials and tribulations of a budding relationship between a Sasquatch and an extraterrestrial. Their parents don't believe in their love, nor does the government, which forces the young couple to take their love on the lam after three men in black are hired to take them down.

A heartbreaking story of cryptid devotion that will leave you saying, "I want to believe... in love."

Analogy (l'analogie de la rue)

Genre: Foreign Indie Romance

A utility pole and a maple tree fall in love in this imaginative twist on Romeo and Juliet. If only one of these two star-crossed lovers could cross the street.

It's French!

The Madness of Mission 6

Genre: Psychological Thriller

A charming young space cadet named Pac must face the ghosts of his past while careening through space as the only living being aboard his small space ship. Watch as Pac slowly spirals towards insanity, all while the film leaves you thinking, "Is he really alone? Am I?"

In space, no one can hear you go, "Waga waga waga waga waga waga."

Lisa Frankenstein

Genre: Comedy

Everyone's favorite reanimated corpse finds it difficult to make friends until he meets another outcast, a 9-year-old girl named Lisa with an affinity for rainbows, technicolor, and leopard print. Lisa gives Frankie a makeover, and the two of them go on adventures and learn: As long as you got a friend, it's ok to be a little different after all.

Frankenstein's back, and this time he wants a friend!


Genre: Drama

As a beautiful lady scientist and charismatic handsome astronaut go on a space walk, debris hits their work station and the two find themselves detached from their ship, stranded in space.

...The movie execs actually thought this one was pretty good, but it was already made and called Gravity.

West Side Rumble

Genre: Horror Musical (and maybe some action too)

Due to global warming and the high level of pollutants in our oceans, sharks mutate to the size of boeing 757s and take to the skies. The fate of the world depends on a rag-tag gang of musically inclined pilots to take the mutant sharks down, one by one, as they terrorize the city.

Better than Sharknado!

Air Jesus

Genre: Comedy

Jesus' second coming is not what we expected, but it's still pretty ballin'! In this goofball comedy, we watch as the son of God struggles to nail down his place in basketball history. Amidst turning water into sports drink, executing Noah's arc from the free throw line, and bearing the cross of his teammate's sins, Jesus must defeat his old rival Judas on the court. This film is sure to have you standing on your feet screaming, "Immaculate deflection!"

Everyone's favorite carpenter dominates the boards!

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