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Life Lessons From Derek Season 2

The second season of Derek is now showing on Netflix and as well as providing the laughs, Derek also offers some very important life lessons.

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1. Be Nice to Animals

2. Waste Not, Want Not

3. Kindness Makes You Feel Good

4. You Can Live Without Money

5. Nicknames Are Not Necessarily Bad Names

6. There Are Two Types of Bad Boy

7. Always Keep a Rolling Pin Close By

8. Your Internet Dating Profile Picture is Important

9. Always Get Up

10. Miracles Can Happen

11. Although the Body May Age, the Mind Doesn't

12. Always Choose the Girl

13. It's never Too Late, Until It Is

14. If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Shut the Fuck Up

15. Inspiration Comes From the Most Unlikely Places

16. Enjoy Life While You Can

17. It's Alright To Cry When You Lose Someone You Love

18. Friends Can Offer Great Dating Advice

19. You Only Need Three Things In Life

20. Kindness Is Magic

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