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      I understand why you may think that Princeton boys just need the idea planted in their heads, but the reality is that that is just not how it works for Princetonian women who are minorities. Some white Princeton males do not date minority women period.Icannot begin to guess what the percentage is, but from my personal experiences (I heard, more than once, variations of the following: “I am not attracted to black women, so I’m not sure if that girl is pretty or not.”), in addition to experiences from some of my friends (one of my friends often got the “wow, you’re hot for an Indian girl” and another friend, “I don’t usually go for Asian girls, but you are awesome!”), the chances ofawhite Princeton male being interested in minority females (I won’t get into the breakdown of which minorities are “more desirable” than others) are not that great. As for the whole female-male engineer thing,acursory search on the Princeton site didn’t yield me any numbers, soIdon’t want to speak too much on this. However,Ido know that the ratio of male to female engineering students is pretty high, so you would probably haveahigher percentage of Princeton males holed up in the E-Quad than you would Princeton females.

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