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    25 People Who Are Doing It Wrong

    Just your average Joe's doing things wrong.

    1. This father

    2. This couple

    3. These girls

    4. This lady trying to take a photo

    5. And this lady

    6. These soldiers

    7. This football player

    8. The guy pouring the drink

    9. This girl taking a selfie

    10. This man trying to take a selfie

    11. This group of females trying to put ornaments up

    12. This mother

    13. And this mother

    14. This man trying to see if his ears are working correctly

    15. This bicyclist

    16. This dog trying to catch the ball

    17. This ad placement

    18. This girl's trust fall

    19. This man going through security

    20. This person's logic

    21. His lack of knowledge for song lyrics.

    22. This sign

    23. This person not understanding what a meme is.

    24. This auto body repair shop

    25. This little girl trying to drink juice