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22 GIFS Portraying Our Day-To-Day Life

Because GIFS depict agony so much more better.

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1. When you’re crossing the street and someone honks at you to hurry up:


2. When you hear the words ‘food’ and ‘ready’ together:


3. When you stub your toe:

And then you're like:

4. When you show up too early for work:

5. When you're waiting for a video to buffer:

6. When somebody is reading over your shoulders:

7. When somebody starts talking during a movie:

8. When someone asks you to smile for a picture:

9. Family events:

10. When somebody tells you that you have terrible music taste:

11. When there are bugs swarming around your head:

12. When someone asks why you aren’t dating anyone right now:

13. When you get birthday money:

14. When you leave a movie theater in the daytime:

15. When a website says, “Your email or password is incorrect” and you’re all like, “WHICH ONE!?

16. When the Internet takes forever to load:

17. When someone with bad breath starts talking to you:

18. When you’re walking behind someone who is walking really slow:

19. When that spider in your room mysteriously disappears:

20. When you try to sneeze but you can't:

21. When somebody says that Christmas is not all just about presents:

22. Overhearing people saying nice things about you:

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