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What The Hell Do Butch And Femme Even Mean Anymore?

A group of trans men and queer women discuss whether it's time to retire the masculine versus feminine dynamic at last.

Shannon Keating • 4 years ago

Building The Man I Am

I lost my mother last year. This is what I made her.

Thomas Page McBee • 4 years ago
Thomas Page McBee • 5 years ago

24 Americans Who Changed The Way We Think About Transgender Rights

There's still a lot of work to do, of course, but these people have done more than their share.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

How Actress Laverne Cox Broke The Trans Glass Ceiling

In Neflix’s highly anticipated new series, Orange Is the New Black, a trans woman is actually played by...a trans woman.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

Why Tumblr Is Perfect For The Trans Community

"If you don't see yourself anywhere else online, come here."

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

Michelle Tea And The Queerest YA Novel You Will Ever Read

Author Michelle Tea discusses Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, her new queer YA novel, and why — now more than ever before — it's awesome to be queer.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

How Gender Outlaw Kate Bornstein Raised $100K In Less Than A Week To Beat Cancer

When transsexual activist Kate Bornstein was diagnosed with cancer, an online campaign to help her raised $100,000 in less than a week. Here’s why so many people want to keep Kate alive.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

Not All Trans People Feel "Trapped In The Wrong Body"

The guys from Channel 4’s hit reality show My Transsexual Summer talk about My Genderation and challenging the media's obsession with one kind of trans narrative.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

Trans Guy's Greek Brothers Have Advice For Other Dudes

Emerson College's Phi Alpha Tau Fraternity is raising money to help pay for one of their brothers' FTM surgery. I spoke with some of the brothers about their efforts.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago

I Am Orlando Cruz

When the pro boxer came out last fall, he became a hero to the LGBT community. As a trans man just beginning to box, I saw myself in him — and room for men like us in the most macho of sports.

Thomas Page McBee • 6 years ago