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What Makes A Sandwich?

Debating what the difference is between one sandwich and two sandwiches.

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This morning, I took two slices of bread and buttered one side of each. Between the buttered sides I placed slices of ham and put the two pieces together, giving me one ham sandwich. I then cut this sandwich in half which gave me two ham sandwiches. At least that's what I think...

When I told my friends that I had two ham sandwiches to eat for lunch, they were confused as, to them, they could only see one ham sandwich (two halves of a whole ham sandwich). We then proceeded to debate throughout the duration of the hour that followed as to what makes a sandwich.

My friends believe that a sandwich is a filling between two slices of bread and that no matter how many times this is cut, it is still one sandwich.

I can't be the only person who believes that I had two sandwiches, can I? Help me out BuzzFeeders!

My argument is that a sandwich consists of two pieces of bread with a filling between them. Note pieces, not slices. A slice is cut across the length of a bread loaf, like packaged bread from a supermarket, whereas a piece could be any part of the bread, whether cut or just torn off with the hands. Therefore, no matter how big the bread is, if there are two pieces with a filling between them then you have a sandwich.

I'd understand with a bagel because a bagel is a thing, whereas a sandwich is a concept.

It's like having half of a hole. Impossible. A hole is a hole. A sandwich is a sandwich.

If you think that cutting one sandwich in two gives you one sandwich then I have a filling your future will be crummy so you'd butter keep a sharp lookout.

What's your opinion?

If you put filling between two slices of bread and cut this in half, how many sandwiches do you have? #WhatMakesASandwich

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