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The 5 Weirdest Facebook Pages Of 2016!

The Internet, for some reason, attracts all kind of weirdo's and this is something that we feel needs celebrating. The strangest people (if they can be called people) can be found on Facebook, which has a copious amount of pages dedicated to all things crazy. We are counting down the top 5!

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1. Anatidaephobia - the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

Anatidaephobia is apparently the fear of being peeped at by Ducks. I have no idea whether ducks do actually, in fact, enjoy watching us humans go about our daily routines and I don't really know if it bothers me to be honest. Being serious, Voyeur Ducks sound pretty cool don't they!

2. I hate it when you open your fridge and get punched by a bear

I don't know if I am more surprised that this page actually exists, or that 130,000 people have felt the need to join a support network, which is aimed at people punched by fridge hiding bears. I mean I have experienced this on a few occasions and it hurts when a bear gets a clean punch at your nose...But still, I'm slightly confused here!

3. Nobody ever uses the White Crayon.

So, firstly, it is news to me that the White Crayon is an unused weapon in the artists arsenal and secondly, I am extremely worried that people seem to be concerned by this. I have to admit that I have probably never used the White Crayon myself and I feel ashamed at my blatant White Crayon discrimination. Sorry Guys!

4. That moment of shame when an automatic door doesn't open for you.

Picture it now, a young man walks casually up to an automatic door. He is minding his own business, going about his day with a smile on his face. That is, until... the rude door strikes. I don't see this being an issue either. Unless the page is full of Vampires, who are still in denial.

5. STOP MOVING!! I need to read your shirt!

So, although nearly a quarter of a million people like this page it appears to be inactive. This tells me that either; All of the members are too busy reading shirts to engage with the page, or, This is so lame that they have gotten over it. I put my money on the second!

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