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Talented Street Singers Who Will Change Your Misconceptions Of The Homeless.

Homeless people get a bum deal a lot of the time and this is for no other reason than ignorance. Just because a person has fallen on hard times, we have no right to judge. We are counting down 'The 5 Most Talented Homeless Singers'. Sit back, Enjoy and remember that we are all equal; no matter the circumstances.

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1. Miles from Toronto.

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Miles from Toronto, is a regular face in Toronto and he is definitely a prime example of talent. With a voice like that, he needs to be in a recording studio.

2. Danny from U.S (somewhere)

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I, probably like most of you, am a full blown Atheist but I couldn't help feeling moved by this video. Danny, who came over and joined in, is highly talented and is filled with so much passion. I would quite happily listen to these two for a lot longer.

3. Robbie Hance - XFactor 2012

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When Robbie Hance appeared on X Factor back in 2012, we had no idea what to expect. As soon as he opened his mouth though, it was obvious he was a highly skilled singer and it was believed he would have a bright future ahead of him. The judges put him through to the next round, obviously! Unfortunately, he went into melt down and left the show early on in the next round though and has been practically unheard of since.

4. Homeless Mustard from NYC

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Homeless Mustard walked into @OpieRadio, after spending the previous night in jail and in hospital. After telling them he was a homeless musician, they found him an old guitar and let him play. This was the result! WOW!

5. The Infamous 'No Cash'

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Everyone has heard this guy at some point. 'No Cash' is not homeless anymore and even has a record deal now, but we still felt he should be included in this list. There is no doubting it...'No Cash' has one of the best voices we have heard in a while!

6. Neo from Oxford

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This was filmed at the Homeless Project in Oxford. Neo, a guest of the project, started playing and the whole room went quiet!

Sharing this will enable others to spend a few minutes thinking about the homeless

"They don't want coins; They want CHANGE!"

"They don't want coins; They want CHANGE!"

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