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    • Tom

      I believe that everyone really wanted to see hope and change, We have that built into us, Most of us want to see our world improve, but that is not what we have seen over the last three plus years. There has been little hope and no real change, that is what many voters are feeling now. We hoped for change, but there was no change. Washington is a mess it was before he got there and it will likely be that way after he packs up and leaves. The only way to send a message to congress and Washington is to hold these politicians to their word, no matter if they are democrat or republican. Until that message gets across to these moss back hypocrites in congress, nothing is ever going to change and that is a sad thing for our children and the future of this nation.  We need Men and Women that will stand up for what this nation is, now what they want to turn it into, We need people that will follow what made this nation great. Not trample on the Constitution at every available opportunity, We need people that will sit on the bench and do the jobs for which they seared an oath to uphold and protect the constitution, not to make law from the bench, these things will never result in change. Vote in 2012, If half the people do not vote in this election there will be no change…