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The Most Insulting And Offensive Pizza In The World

Everyone loves pizza. But there is one kind that is a disgrace to humanity.

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Everyone loves pizza

Some people love absurd pizza

Some people just love plain cheese pizza

But there is one kind of pizza that no one should love...

This is a pineapple

Pineapples are pretty darn delicious

Monkeys enjoy pineapple

Hawaii even has a tourist attraction dedicated to the fruit!

But one place that pineapples don't belong, is on pizza

Pineapple on pizza is gross

Hawaiian pizza doesn't even originate from Hawaii!

It's an insult to fruit. It's an insult to pizza. It's an insult to Hawaii. It's an insult to humanity

Congress may have once declared pizza a vegetable

But what they should declare, is that Hawaiian pizza is the worst pizza ever

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