The 7 Best Alex Karras Clips, Aside From TV’s Webster

Today we found out that Alex Karras is sadly not long for this world. To most people he was Mr Papadapolis from TV’s “Webster”, and to sports fans he was a Detroit Lion, but did you know he had some other great appearances too?

1. Faygo sugar-free red pop

You know how you always make fun of people eating junk food while drinking diet soda? Alex was doing that 40 years ago. And you better call it “pop” when he’s around.

2. Transformers action figures

“Folks, these robots are HOT!”

3. Schlitz Malt Liquor

woah woah woah, that’s obviously a stunt-double when he gets thrown from the mechanical bull, but still, what an ad!

4. J Wax

Holy moly, dude just LIFTED UP A CAR!

5. Match Game ‘75: Alex Karras vs. Lola Kiss

Karras gets taken down by wrestler “Lola, The Kiss of Death From Transylvania”. Always letting the lady win, what a gentleman.

6. Iago ‘Mad Bull’ Karkus

He might have been a big guy, but he was awfully fast on his feet as “Mad Bull”.

7. Mongo from Blazing Saddles

Karras punches a horse. Case closed.

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