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5 Pieces Of Furniture With Built-In Book Storage For Bibliophiles

A well-curated bookshelf does a lot for your home, your mind, and your mood. For some, a standalone bookcase or built-in storage unit is just too blah. Here are some interesting pieces of furniture that boast your bookish ways...and big brain. -Elizabeth Lilly,

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Exclusive Coffee Table Book Club

The Internet is filled with guides about how to style your coffee table. But what if you cut out the styling part and had a custom table built for your most special tomes? Architect and designer Lisa Finster designed this streamlined beauty for when you want to get down to book-reading business without the clutter or riff-raff backup novels.

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Ridiculoulsy Well-Lit and Stylish Book Cave

This book-storage beauty from BK Library Interiors has it all, including recessed lighting, book storage, and a seating area that would maybe work for naps if you can sleep in weird positions. Plus, it can double as a room divider, or a way to make your guests feel uncomfortable.

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Kind-of-a-Normal-Chair Bookcase

Maybe you're into keeping your book entourage within reach at all times as you read that flavor of the week. If so, this comfy-looking, grand piano-shaped-ish piece is for you. As for that previously mentioned toilet, from this product's caption the folks at Tembolat Gugkaev sound like they're on it!

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Sunflower Bookcase Chair


Sometimes you just want to feel like you're flowering from all this new knowledge and burst forth from your book best friends. No? Well, the Sunflower Chaird designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian will at least make it easy to switch books without leaving your perch.

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