• 1. ISIS by Jake Phipps

    The ISIS by Jake Phipps is billed as the thinnest chair in the world, and at 3 cm wide when folded, it just might be. The ISIS chair is an angular, modern piece that folds neatly into a sleek, flat package. It’s available to buy direct from the studio. Visit JakePhipps.com for more information.

  • 2. FlexibleLove

    For the eco-conscious small-space dweller, FlexibleLove chairs are made out of 100 percent post-industrial wood waste. At its smallest, the bench can fold together like an accordion to seat one. At its largest, the chair can hold up to 16. Visit FlexibleLove.com for more information.

  • 3. Loop Chair by Boaz Mendel

    The Loop Chair by Israeli designer Boaz Mendel can actually transform into several pieces of furniture. Shown here in a few reclining-chair forms, the Loop Chair is made of seven wood boards connected by hinges stabilized by specialized metal connectors. From extra storage to an end table, the Loop Chair can transform to fit your holiday seating and storage needs. Visit Boaz Mendel’s website for more information.

  • 4. Stitch Chair by Adam Goodrum

    One of the few on the list that’s shaped like a traditional chair, the Stitch chair by Adam Goodrum has hinges on every edge to help it collapse. The seat folds to a closed position that is mere inches thick. Cappellini also makes a hinged bar stool of similar design. They are distributed by the Italian manufacturer, and can be purchased online and in Cappellini’s NYC store.

  • 5. Papton Chair by FUCHS + FUNKE

    A folding furniture equivalent of a paper plane, the Papton Chair by Danish design firm FUCHS + FUNKE is a honeycomb cardboard composite that can be easily shaped—no tools or screws necessary. The end result of this origami seat is a standing chair that weighs less than five pounds. The Papton comes in a variety of colors, and is available to order from FUCHS + FUNKE. For the rest of the Top 12 Most Awesome Folding Chairs, go to thisoldhouse.com