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Top 10 Wackiest Bathroom Products

There's nothing money can't buy these days. Perhaps you've considered blinging out your commode with thousands of Swarovski crystals or wished you could work on your golf swing while you answer nature's call? No? Well, here are 10 wacky bathroom accessories you didn't even know you wanted, anyway. See all 31 Wackiest Bath Products right now at, or keep reading here at Buzzfeed for our Top 10

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  • 1. Bathroom Bling

    From a designer most comfortable working for upscale clubs and casinos comes this Diamond-encrusted toilet. A majority of Jemal Wright work is in color-dyed chrome, but this fixture represents the artist's highest-end model. Available partially or fully inlaid with Swarovski diamonds (in a variety of optional colors), according to the designer, this commode will run you approximately $75,000. Sunglasses not included. Not wacky enough for ya? How about a $17,000 shoe-shaped tub?

  • 2. Soap Grater

    This Swedish design student's soap grater is intended to cut the wasteful plastic packaging (and added water) that comes from producing bodywash. Still a prototype, the student insists the flakes give a comfortable feeling and dissolve easily in water. Check out a fog-proof showerhead-mirror for shavers!

  • 3. Mouthy Urinal

    Perhaps the first company to use "sexy urinal" in a sentence, Bathroom Mania! aims to improve an otherwise ordinary experience with its "Kisses!" urinal. The Swedish design company touts the urinal as "One target men will never miss," and though the design has since been installed in bathrooms around the world, the expansion hasn't been problem-free. In one unfortunately-named instance, the urinal had Canadian restaurant The Honest Lawyer backpedaling after a women's rights group demanded the removal of the suggestive plumbing. See a portable sauna you can set up in mere minutes!

  • 4. Hook, Line, And Stinker

    This aquarium toilet offers a functioning toilet and a functioning aquarium in the same package. The two function independently, so there's no risk to the fish. But, should they reach their untimely end, it makes the unpleasant burial a speedier process. REALLY trick out your loo with a toilet-to-bidet converter kit

  • 5. Boss Faucet

    Turn your faucet into a four-cylinder with this motorcycle-inspired sink set. The handlebar water valves and the gas tank spigot are made of metal that is thankfully treated with a "physical vapor disposition process," limiting tarnish should your greasy biker hands dirty the finish. Germophobes rejoice! Never touch a toilet seat again!

  • 6. Bath Planetarium

    Finding yourself bored, but not yet ready to get out of the tub? A relaxing bath can now double as a star-gazing session with the Spa Bath Planetarium. The waterproof projector floats and paints the wall with constellations, though there are settings for "Deep Ocean" and a Rose bath scene as well. Flip it over, and it projects the image into the tub. Bored with your bath stopper?

  • 7. Sticky Stash

    Incredibly visible for an object designed to hide a roll of toilet paper, this tubed holder is super-sized and wall-mountable. The vendor's website mentions it as a "great conversation piece"; imagine the discussions that begin with wondering aloud why one would reach into a tube of glue for some toilet paper in the first place. Tired of throwing away a whooping .5 cents worth of toothpaste that gets lost with the tube? The Tube-Wringer can help!

  • 8. Potty Putter

    If you can't manage to squeeze in some practice time on the putting green, build your golf game into your own schedule with the Potty Putter. The set comes with a green made of the same professional carpet the pros use, a golf club and a couple of golf balls, and makes a great companion to the issue of Golf magazine assuredly sitting on top of the tank. Now, get that $30 toilet paper you've been looking for

  • 9. Glass Faucets

    To anticipate the first question: we're assured these tempered, durable glass faucets won't break. Even if they do, they're guaranteed. The hand-blown spouts are available in many custom colors, and can be twisted into a simple cane shape or a corkscrew-shaped spiral. Matching glass sinks and handles are also available. About $2,000; Glass Faucet. A gadget just for waterhogs! This pebble tells you when to get out of the shower

  • 10. Toilet for Two

    Environmentalism has never been so intimate as with the TwoDaLoo, billed as the world's first simultaneous-flush two-seater toilet. The side-by-siders can be emptied individually or in a single 2.6-gallon-saving flush. With a "privacy wall" and LCD television and iPod docking station add-ons, couples (and, perhaps, just good friends) will enjoy doing double duty for Planet Earth. About $1400; WiseRep. Check that really expensive bathtub WITH PORTHOLES (yes, portholes!) off of your shopping list!