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    10 Amazing Pumpkin Creations From This Old House

    We asked for viewers' best Halloween pumpkin carvings, and they sent us nothing short of masterpieces—eerily life-like sculpted faces, subtly shaded portraits, hilarious horror scenes—all cast from your favorite bulbous squash. Here's the top 10 countdown! Tons more here.

    • 1. 10. Tallahassee

      "I carved this image of Tallahassee from the movie Zombieland. I use a Warren Pro Pumpkin Carving tool set and an X-Acto knife to carve my pumpkins." Blake A. West Jordan, UT

    • 2. 9. Bad Blood

      "This Predator is from a comic series called Bad Blood. I make my own patterns in Photoshop. This one took about 3 days to carve. I used a Dremel, conventional pumpkin saws, and scrapers I made out of an old wire hanger. This pic is a composite of 3 photos because the pattern was so big you had to look at it from different angles to tell what it was." Steven N. Bakersfield, CA

    • 3. 8. Joker

      "This pumpkin took me 3 days to do, and I stayed up the last 36 hours straight to finish it in time for Halloween. I used a Dremel, conventional pumpkin saws, and scrapers that I made out of old wire hangers." Steven N. Bakersfield, CA

    • 4. 7. You Rang

      "I designed and carved this pumpkin for my pumpkin display this year. I used Warren Pro Pumpkin tools and an X-Acto knife to carve this pumpkin." Blake A. West Jordan, UT

    • 5. 6. Master Yoda

      "I copied some photos of Yoda from Star Wars. Three pumpkins were usedone for the head, one for the body and one for the ears and hands. Attached parts with barbecue skewers and floral pins. Added plastic eyes and some old burlap for the robe. I used clay-sculpting tools and an X-Acto blade." Joseph Y. Norwalk, CA

    • 6. 5. Pumpkin Lobotomy

      "I did this brain surgery with X-Acto knives, wood carving tools, clay files and a paring knife." John C. Bronxville, NY

    • 7. 4. Leg-Eating

      "This only took about 30 minutes to complete. Very basic cuts that any pumpkin carving kit can handle. The main idea behind this one was to find a use for left-over humming bird syrup." Steven K. Anderson, IN

    • 8. 3. No, Not Me Next!

      "This is a 75-pound pumpkin with two sweet pumpkins. I used a pumpkin carving kit, cordless drill, hammer and chisel." Brian H. Troutdale, OR

    • 9. 2. Exploding Headache

      "Pumpkin with a 3-D face and a hole in the side of the head with a pumpkin protruding from it. Tools I used were a Clay Ribbon Loops, paring knife & some wire. This pumpkin took me about 5 hours to carve." Ray V. Villafane Studios Rochester Hills, MI

    • 10. $500 Winner: Haunted Carousel

      "I found the perfect sized pumpkin to do an all-around design, and had this one tucked in the back of a folder. The top is held up by skewers, and when the wind blew through the pumpkin it gave the illusion of it moving. It was the hit of the neighborhood!" Karyn T. Fort Worth, TX

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