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Dumb DIY: Home Inspectors See The Darndest Things

From the latest installment of TOH's Home Inspection Nightmares (often imitated, never duplicated!) here are some of the dumbest DIY moves ever, courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

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A Nice Hot Shower


"This shower stall permanently covers a sump pump. They kept the electrical receptacle where it was and built the shower around it! That takes the cake, but the icing is that the receptacle is incorrectly wired, with hot and neutral reversed, and with no GFCI protection."

Ron Seiber
Ron Seiber Home
Fairfax, VA

Go Inside an Electrical Outlet! OMG! Fun!

Sneaky Snake


"So, who do you call for this repair? A qualified framing contractor or a pest control specialist? Fortunately, I did NOT see this snake until the photos were being reviewed later!"

William Blake
American Home Inspectors and Engineering Assessments, Inc.
Hurricane, WV

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