7 More Home Improvement Hacks To DIY Like A Boss

You can be the MacGyver of DIY. This Old House can show you how. -Tabitha Sukhai

1. Weigh Down Billowing Curtains With Sash Chains

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

Remember all the Secret Service issues cause by billowing curtains in the 2008 film Vantage Point? (No? Pretend you do.) All of those “issues” could have been avoided by sliding lengths of unused/ leftover sash chains into the bottom hems of the panels to keep them from blowing around. See even more cool uses for scrap sash chains

2. Sheathe a Saw-to-Go With Pipe Insulation

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

Taking your DIY prowess on the road? Preserve sharpness (while protecting the rest of the world from it) by placing a length of the foam over the blade. Check out other ways to put leftover pipe insulation to work

3. Turn Old Flatware Into Hooks

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

Retire tarnished silverware and give your mother-in-law one less reason to use that piercing tone of judgement. Instead of tossing the stuff, though, you can bend spoons, then screw them to a piece of vintage molding or fasten directly to walls in the kitchen to make a hang-out for dish towels. Guess what? We’ve got other ways for you to use old flatware. It’s shocking. We know

4. Make a Squeegee With Weatherstripping

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

Nothing beats a squeegee for unwetting things! Fashion an instant unwetter by affixing a length of self-adhesive D-profile rubber tube insulation along the edge of a paint scraper. Have enough squeegees? It might come as a surprise to you to learn we have other mind-blowing reuse ideas for leftover weatherstripping

5. Rescue Small Hardware With a Sock

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

Slide a sock over the end of a vacuum’s hose, secure with a rubber band, and use the suction to pick up dropped screws, nuts, or nails. But wait! There’s more!

6. Keep Flowers Fresh With Vodka

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

“What can I do with this vodka OTHER than drink it,” said no one ever. But here’s a fun chemistry lesson for ya: Mixing a few drops of vodka with a teaspoon of sugar and adding it to water for cut flowers will inhibit the production of ethylene, which makes blooms wilt. Here are more things you can tell people when they ask you why you have strangely large quantities of booze in your garage (PS- Don’t drink & DIY.)

7. Scrub Off With Window Screen

This Old House / Via thisoldhouse.com

More paint on you than the wall? Gently rub a length of mesh over hands to scrape away dried-on paint WITHOUT scraping off your skin. You know the drill…

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