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8 Tree Houses That Are Nicer Than Your House

There are a few tree houses smattered around and we've gathered them here because tree houses are BAWS. -Tabitha Sukhai,

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Nestled within a grove of Douglas fir and hemlocks, this cozy little shingled tree house is equal parts Swiss Family Robinson and Brothers Grimm. This may or may not be the same tree house once inhabited by Carlton Banks. Read more


Inspired by a survey's findings that one-third of children "aren't allowed to climb trees," the Duchess of Northumberland commissioned what would become one of the largest tree houses in the world. Because YOLO, you know? Read more


"Our family's dream outdoor hangout became a reality when my dad, Ron, offered to help us make it. We built the floors of the decks on the ground and used a winch to lift them into place," said TOH reader Matt Pavel of Tennessee. He wins summer.


Tom Chudleigh is the inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of these tree-mounted spheres, and he wants to give you a bird's eye view of nature. You can stay in one of these overnight if you're vacationing out in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada. Or you can have Chudleigh build you one in that money tree you have in your backyard. Read more