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7 Tables You Can Build So You Can Say You Actually Built Something In Your Life

It's a known fact that people who build things are awesome. Here are some table Step-by-Step projects to help you join the ranks of awesome people building things all over the world. (Bonus: Each project takes just a few hours to complete! So you can be more awesome, faster!) -Tabitha Sukhai, Like us on Facebook, see awesome stuff like this all the time

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1. Dumpster Dive Dining

With a day of DIY, you can assemble this table from beautiful salvaged beams and old pipes. Bonus points for salvaging old things. Bonus-bonus points for lugging said old things (which are OMEGA heavy) to your workshop from a curb somewhere. Get the Step-by-Step instructions here

2. Kiss the Chef's Table

If you're living your life correctly, you're grilling 24/7/365. While we feature quite a few glamorous outdoor kitchens at, we understand that most "outdoor kitchens" consist of a grill and a plywood scrap atop an empty trash bin (aka "table" for resting tub of BBQ sauce). Anyway, you can class it up by rolling this out to the right side of your grill. Here are the Step-by-Step instructions

3. Crate & Table

We saw your comments. A lot of you are passionately against crating dogs. But, look. This is still a pretty design that you can stash random STUFF inside of, if not beloved Fifi or Fido. So, build it anyway. It could be a lifesaver when you get those obnoxious "We-Were-In-the-Neighborhood-and-Wanted-to-Drop-In" calls. Throw it all in there and you won't be exposed for the slob that you are :-D Here's how to build it

6. Don't Believe the Hype-rtufa

This project not only makes you more builderly (not a word according to Merriam-Webster, but we think it should be) and makes you smarter, too. Because what is hypertufa, anyway? Really. When you're done reading this Step-by-Step you will know

7. Build a Table, Put All Your Cards On It

This charming transformer (See what we did there?) goes from a flat dining surface to a sharp game table justlikethat. (No spaces.) Build it Just poker. Here's how to do it