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7 Ridiculous Bath Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Yet another roundup of the bizarre, weirdly useful, and completely unnecessary items available in bath accessories. Check out the full list of wacky bath products at!

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1. Toilet Paper Holder With iPad Stand


There is no reason for you to stop reading This Old House or watching Game of Thrones just because you need to visit your own throne. Prop your iPad up on this convenient stand, adjust the viewing angle, and keep doing your, um, business.

2. iPotty Activity Seat


...And if you have a little one who wants to do as you do, coax them into using the potty with their own iPad-ready potty training seat. They can practice right along with the latest potty-training apps. Don't worry about the mess—it comes with a touchscreen cover for protection.

3. Fall-Safe Toothbrush


If you've ever pulled a Seinfeld and knocked your honey's toothbrush in the toilet, this little invention is made just for you. A rubberized, weighted base keeps the brush perpetually upright, saving you the horror of having to fish an errant tooth cleaner out of the bowl.

4. Counterproductive Bath Toys


Forget using bath time as cleanup time. Let your budding Picasso draw all over the tile, themselves, or you! These washable coloring tools make trying to get little Johnny spic and span an exciting challenge. Nothing like cleaning up your kid after you've already cleaned up your kid.

5. Personalized Tissue


Don't waste your time debating the merits of a cotton-feel or a double-ply. The real sign of commode sophistication is bespoke toilet paper, custom printed with the design, logo, or image of your choice. Perfect for the proud—or maybe disgruntled—employee, family member, or political activist in your life.

6. Underwater Puzzlers


Taking a shower is so boring! Why not liven up your wash time with a game? Or better yet, up your efficiency by making your grocery list while you soap up. These pads are made with special waterproof paper and ink, so you can while away a shower with a lively game of naked word search.

7. Design Your Own Shower Curtain


Do you ever feel that you absolutely can't do a DIY project without the aid of a kit? Well, guesswork gone, my friend! No need to waste time gathering up a plain, white liner and a Sharpie to draw on your shower curtain. This kit has everything you'll need to create a custom design (namely a plain white liner and a Sharpie-like marker).

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