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6 Quick Fixes You Can DIY For $0

Save yourself a trip to the store and some money, too, by trying these smart work-arounds for common home-related gripes. RELATED: 35 Super-Fast DIY Fixes and Affordable Upgrades

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1. Silence a Squeaky Door

If you've got: a squeaky door

Ideal solution: Marine grease—thick enough to adhere to a hinge without running and has enough lubrication to silence the noise

In-a-pinch fix: Bar soap

How it works: Rubbing soap onto the hinges and pins provides a layer of lubricant that stays put. The result: a hinge that doesn't make a peep.RELATED: Personalize Your Front Door With a Bold Paint Color

2. Speed Up a Slow Drain

If you've got: a slow drain

Ideal solution: A plumbing snake that breaks up the debris causing the clog

In-a-pinch fix: Baking soda and vinegar

How it works: When you pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar and then hot water, the chemical reaction forms a powerful foam that may cut through the gunk in your pipes.RELATED: 10 Uses for Vinegar

3. Clean Up Tarnished Copper

If you've got: tarnished copper

Ideal solution: Copper cleaner containing citric or oxalic acid, or a mild abrasive, such as fine red jeweler's rouge

In-a-pinch fix:
Lemon juice mixed with rock salt

How it works: Air causes copper to oxidize and turn color. The acid from the lemon eats away at the oxidation, while the coarse salt provides a hefty dose of scouring power.RELATED: Secret Potions for Tricky Cleaning Jobs

4. Quiet a Creaky Floor

If you've got: a creaky floor

Ideal solution: Graphite powder, which provides a soft, microfine layer of lubricating particles

In-a-pinch fix: Talcum powder

How it works: Sprinkled into the grooves of your floor, talc can dampen the squeak of two boards rubbing together. The loose boards still slide, just more quietly.RELATED: Repair Squeaky Floors [VIDEO]

5. Free a Stuck Window

If you've got: a stuck window

Ideal solution: Silicone spray, which provides a slick, long-lasting coating for window tracks

In-a-pinch fix: A candle

How it works: Rub the stub of a paraffin or beeswax candle along the tracks to leave a trail of waxy residue. This will help the window slide with less friction, so it won't stick.RELATED: Budget Fixes for Drafty Windows

6. Get Rid fo Vent-Filter Grime

If you've got: a grimy vent filter

Ideal solution: Chemical degreasers, which contain solvents that cut through grime in range-hood filters

In-a-pinch fix: Rubbing alcohol

How it works: Alcohol dissolves greasy muck, making it easier to remove, but is also flammable, so clean the filter in the sink and rinse well.RELATED: Read This Before You Redo a Kitchen