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5 Halloween DIY Projects That'll Scare The Crap Out Of Neighborhood Children

For those of you who enjoy horrifying kids to tears (high five!), here are our top Halloween DIYs to scare the socks off of poor, unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. And, make you giggle as they run screaming. Yay!-Elizabeth Lilly, thisoldhouse.comENTER NOW: Your Pumpkin Carving Could be Worth $500

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1. Eerie Chicken Wire Ghost


Make kids work for their fun size candybars. Position this ghost sculpted out of chicken wire in your yard somewhere along the candy trail. Even better if you can position it in front of a run-down looking outbuilding. Just tell them it's the ghost of your ex-husband, or something like that.

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2. Bleeding Pumpkins

Kids these days! Regular old Jack-o'-lanterns that used to send toddlers into shrieking fits are just regarded as cute. This creepy pumpkin DIY just oozes creativity. All you need is some puffy paint and an answer at the ready for, "Mommy, why are the pumpkins bleeding?"

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3. Creepy Ghost Lady Mirror


Dare your kids to gaze upon themselves and enjoy seeing them scream in terror (with a video camera glued to your hand) after they see a picture of a creepy lady staring back instead. If you want to do even more damage, hang this Halloween decoration up in place of a normal mirror in your home so you'll catch them unawares.

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4. Murderous Window Silhouette


Trick-or-treaters might second guess the worth of a piece of candy when you position this silhouette in a window close to the candy bowl. Especially if you're absent and left a "TAKE ONLY 1 PIECE" sign. Can you even begin to imagine how much feet dragging would happen if the kids thought this guy was waiting inside for a Halloween party?

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5. Zombie Hand Planters


Lending a hand in the garden has never been quite this grotesque. Position these fake zombie hands potted in container plants on your front porch. Adding vintage garden tools lets kids' imaginations run wild about the damage they could cause.

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