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5 DIY Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

AKA things you should "forget" to do if you want people to leave quickly or not visit at all this holiday season. SEE ALL: The Official DIY Guide to a Holiday-Ready House

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3. Tackle the Living Area

• Ratchet down the thermostat by 3 degrees F—guests hate sweating over their holiday cocktails.

• Keep area rugs in place with double-sided tape to prevent tripping and slipping.

• Treat fabric-covered furniture with a protective spray, such as Scotchgard, so that spills don’t become a permanent record.RELATED: Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

4. Get the Dining Room Done

• Plug up window drafts with weatherstripping or caulk.

• Add seat cushions, especially for folding chairs, to ward off marathon-meal butt numbness.

• Fill scratches in the dining room table with colored paste wax.RELATED: Use Window Treatments to Block Drafts

5. Perk Up the Powder Room

• Scrape away deposits from the series of flush holes under the toilet bowl rim so that guests don’t have to double flush.

• Replace the washer or O-ring on an annoyingly drippy tap.

• Rinse out grit from the faucet’s filter screen to keep the water flowing.RELATED: Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing a Dripping Faucet