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6 Christmas Light Displays You Can See from Outer Space

Tackling that tangle of lights may be intimidating to some, but here are 6 over-the-top holiday displays that are sure to amaze. And, leave you wondering how these spirited homeowners are going to manage their energy bills this season! -Tabitha Sukhai, Annie Hauser, and Victoria Reitano,

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  • 1. Lights for a Cause

    Lights for a Cause

    Out of all the over-the-top homes on our list, this one just might take the cake. With lights so plentiful you can't even see the house under it, this home in Ontario donates money from visitors to SickKids, a children's hospital in Toronto. MORE: World's Wildest Holiday House Displays II

  • 2. Spell It Out

    Spell It Out

    Nothing says Joyeux Noel quite like...huge, LED letters literally spelling the words out on your front lawn. This house in New Castle, Delaware, gets the message across loud and clear. RELATED: World's Wildest Christmas Trees

  • 3. Can You Count to a Bazillion?

    Can You Count to a Bazillion?

    Gary Slater's decorating tradition began in 1996 and continues to grow each year. The Livonia, Michigan, display-fondly known by neighborhood kids as "the house with a bazillion lights" - includes 32 mini trees, over 40,000 lights, and is synced to holiday music. For more information, visit RELATED: The Most Unique DIY Wreaths

  • 4. Christmas Canals

    Christmas Canals

    Who needs streetlights with a house this bright? This Venice, California, home is shown reflecting its awe-inspiring amount of twinkling lights on the Venice Canals.
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  • 5. New York Lights

    New York Lights

    The Garabedian Family in the Bronx, New York, have a 30-year-long tradition of decorating their holiday home with everything from a life-size nativity scene to Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The place features nearly 200 animated figurines, all wearing handmade costumes and programmed to "dance" to festive holiday music. Due to the labor-intensive process of creating the display, many of the figures are left up all year. For more information, visit MORE: World's Wildest Holiday House Displays

  • 6. Christmas Fortress

    Christmas Fortress

    Dominic Luberto's home in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, causes quite a stir; especially among neighbors who don't care for the bright lights. Luberto's lights aren't without fans, though. Local news stations have covered and photographed the place for special holiday coverage. The yard featured everything from traditional snowmen to Winnie-the-Pooh figurines.  More from TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2011 24 Quick and Easy Holiday Home Upgrades  Budget Fixes for Drafty Windows ENTER THE 2011 TOH GINGERBREAD HOUSE CONTEST