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10 People Who Make You Sick

There are three types of celebrities in this world: those you love (Obama!), those you love to hate (Sarah Palin!), and these people.

  • 1. Glenn Beck

    Glenn Beck is the new Rush Limbaugh or the old Bill O'Reilly or whatever formula best expresses "Aggressive Right-Wing Yeller" best in your mind.

  • 2. Katherine Heigl

    She's ungrateful and a primadonna and all the usual Hollywood issues, but she's also NOT. FUN. TO WATCH. She cannot carry a movie! She is awkward and surly. Please stop casting her.

  • 3. Carrie Prejean

    Beauty-queen + Prop 8-supporter + IQ problems = Mean Girls nightmare of the first order.

  • 4. Jon Gosselin

    Dude, Ed Hardy? Really? You so had the sympathy of an entire nation, what with you nagging hateful wife, and you squandered it with a handful of bad tshirts and one trashy girlfriend. Come on.

  • 5. Dan Brown

    This man has ruined Paris, the Vatican, Leonardo da Vinci, puzzle-solving, chalices, feminism, and self-flagellation for us all.

  • 6. Michelle Malkin

    She's even worse than Ann Coulter, because people actually take her seriously. Go away, crazy lady.

  • 7. Chris Brown

    Here is a man who beats up his girlfriend and gets away with it. The end.

  • 8. ARod

    Frankly, you could look past the cheating and the $400 billion/year salary, if he weren't so prissy. You don't get to be a diva and a cheater.

  • 9. Vanessa Hudgens

    You can blame Zac Efron all you want for the High School Musical phenomenon, but at the kid's a star. This one, though, all naked pictures and lame Disney albums. When is her damn voice going to drop?

  • 10. Lance Armstrong

    Remember when he dumped the wife who stood by him through cancer, as soon as he got famous? Remember when he dumped Sheryl Crow and then went around telling everyone she tried to trick him into having kids? Remember when he started the entire damn "colored bracelets" trend?