14 Signs The World Has Already Ended

You know the world has ended when… well, see below. To watch the world really fall apart, check out This Is The End on Blu-ray and Digital.

1. When people will wait in a six-hour line for…

lucypcollins / Via instagram.com


Getty Images / Via Andrew Burton

A pastry. A PASTRY.

2. When this seems like a really solid idea.

__mrjohnson / Via instagram.com

Excuse me?!

3. When the animal kingdom has lost its mind.

Nobody knows who’s who anymore.

4. When it feels necessary to photoshop sparkles onto a meaty disaster.

r. nial bradshaw / Via Flickr: 33227787@N05

Indulgence has reached its end.

5. When bedtime stories look like this.

Just an iPad—not even a story on the iPad. Just the iPad itself.

6. When correct grammar is a thing of the past.

Lee Cannon / Via Flickr: 9763931@N04


7. When grammar AND laws make no sense.

Robynne Blume / Via Flickr: 12986848@N00

This sign will inevitably lead to chaos and the destruction of all governments.

8. When kids these days eat ice cream like this.

That face says it all.

9. When babies are really self-conscious and compensate with too much makeup.

Jeff R Clow / Getty Images

Girl, learn to love yourself.

10. When your grandma’s car looks like this.

JOHN LLOYD / Via Flickr: 32109282@N00

Which means she’s cooler than you.

11. When going to the mall really means, “I’m going planking.”

Yeah, life is over.

12. When you just can’t stop being a redneck for even your own wedding night.

Guys, cool it.

13. When your dog is the reigning shotgunning champion.

Andrew Magill / Via Flickr: 85473033@N00

Remember when dogs used to just play fetch? :(

14. This. Just this in general.

Watch This Is The End on Blu-ray and Digital.

Sony Pictures / Via youtube.com

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