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12 Important Life Lessons According To "This Is The End"

Basically just live like Seth Rogen and you're set. Check out these super-important life lessons brought to you by This Is The End on Blu-ray and Digital.

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1. Plan ahead in times of peril.

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2. Don't be a jerk-off in someone else's bathroom.

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3. Never answer this question.

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4. Always clean up after yourself.

5. Becoming famous will reward you handsomely.

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6. Have AT LEAST two of these on hand at all times.

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7. Don't tempt Satan.

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8. Share your snacks.

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9. Don't piss off Emma Watson.

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Like, for real.

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10. Ration out the important stuff.

11. Don't allow your friends to make fashion mistakes.

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12. And when in need, drinking your own pee is actually pretty good.

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