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7 Free Apps Every DIY Guru Must Have!

Use your inner do-it-yourself attitude with help from these 7 apps to strive for success in the digital age while staying within budget!

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7) Keep Your Inspiration Close and Organized

Issuu is a free digital magazine app which offers a platform for Guru’s to search for things like recipes and inspiration for DIY projects. Keep it all organized by making ‘stacks’ of grouped magazines and zines.


A Zine (pronounced "ZEEN") is a hand-made collaged and photocopied mini magazine made from text and image clippings from the internet and other magazines. Websites like are great for organizing text and images before printing while also keeping a digital record of the zines you have made. This youth-culture alternate magazine is gaining popularity fast as a way to have voices heard at an attainable local level.

5) A Social Media Platform You May Already Have

You may be questioning whether or not DIY is for you but really if you've ever reused or restitched clothing, painted furniture or made a recipe from scratch you have joined the Do-It-Yourselfer club and Pinterest is the most commonly used platform in this area! For DIY enthusiasts Pinterest is great for organizing different projects and connecting with other users and with each users reach going from one to many, monetization possibilities open up!

4) DIY Project Planner

HandyMobi is a more instructional DIY project organizer which lets you see your progress as you complete each step along with the time it takes to complete a project and the approximate overall costs. This app is to be used while working on a project and features a level which works with your smartphone to keep straight angles when finishing DIY furniture, framing and big building projects.

3) Food Delivery from Anywhere

If you haven't already heard about this food delivery service you do now! SkipTheDishes partners with local food providers to get a wider arrangement of food to your door from places that don’t normally deliver like chain and local restaurants, bakeries, delis and other amazing foods you didn't think you could get from the comfort of your home!

2) Don't Rent - Car Sharing is Caring!

Zipcar is an hourly car rental company starting at $7.75/hour. You pick the car you want out of what’s available in the location closest to you then drive where you need to go AND gas is included! So reclaim your independence with affordable mobility without monthly membership fees. This option is cheaper, more accessible for students and you don't have to wait until you're 21 to drive like other car rental companies.

1) Become A Coupon Guru

Flipp is an app which lets you search for whatever coupons you need as you enter the store and use them as you check out - without having to clip, file and transport all those newspaper clippings, this app makes it easy to get into couponing and then keeps them all in one place.

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