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When The Reality Of 'FRIENDS' Hits You Hard

Going from "Man this show was my 90's." to "Shit I've gotta get my life together, fast!"

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Remember the show "FRIENDS"


Yeah it was a great show, am I right?!

FRIENDS taught us how to love.

How to laugh.

How it's okay to still act childish.

But sometimes FRIENDS taught us to grow up.

And that not all days will be good ones.

That could turn into weeks, months even!

That even with a job it can still get tough.

And that friendships and relationships can end.

But along the way and over time you can fix things.

Because everybody makes mistakes.

Oh but don't forget...

And if things ever seem to be too much, just remember what it is you have.


Because sometimes we learn life lessons from television sitcoms.

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