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The 5 Stages Of December (Xmas Version)

December 1st is tomorrow and it's time everyone dealt with it and gave into the holiday spirit, OFFICIALLY!

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Stage 1. Acceptance


Tomorrow is the first day of December, so you may as well just get use to the fact that you're going to hear all the Christmas music at full volume, deal with all the holiday crowds, and dust off your ugly sweater for all the ugly sweater themed parties to come.

Stage 2. Motivation


With that being said you're going to have to do what you can to decorate. Grab the biggest tree, hang all the lights, choose what liquor you want to spike the family egg nog with.

Stage 3. Preparation


Okay, it's the middle of the month now and you're just about in the Christmas spirit. You've listened to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" an obscenely amount of times, you can barely contain your joy.

Stage 4. Celebration


It's happening, it's the week of Christmas! Not just Christmas, not just Christmas Eve, but the whole week before the day of merriment. You're making all the hot chocolate and watching "Elf" on a loop because this is the one week of the year that is accepted without judgement.

Stage 5. Grief


So Christmas is over, but there's still New Years Eve to look forward too. By then it'll already start settling in that the holidays are over; sure we have 2017 to look forward to to make "resolutions" but when December is over the next holiday we have is Valentines Day...

Happy Holiday Everyone while we still have it.

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