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How Amazing (&Cute) Are The New England Patriots?

So with New England's win against the Denver Broncos last night, they've claimed the title of the AFC East Champions. This while having Gronkowski out for the season with an injury (herniated disc) and Danny Amendola out until the playoffs (ankle injury). But even with having it's best players out, the fighting patriots seemed to keep their place in the NFL as tough competitors. But they have also claimed their place in another category too... lets recap!

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#3 Steven Gostkowski (placekicker) with son Slayden on the practice field. Such an adorable father-son moment!

Just EdelmenDola in general.

An 80/11 Bromance

Ummm okay give me a second...


I mean when you make your 69th touchdown of your career,

how else would you celebrate?

But with a bow; my boy Rob Gronkowski!

Give #87 a hand ladies and gents

When Malcolm Butler made the play of the season back in Super Bowl XLIX, sorry excuse me the UNEXPECTED play of the season!

And how did they celebrate the win you ask?

When it's a home game at Gillette, LaGarrette Blount will pose with 'the patriots' after a touchdown.


Then there's Chris Long: Beast on the field

But a gentleman with a heart of steel!

How about how Chris "Baby Face" Hogan looks

After getting a touchdown!

And then of course the man himself, Tom Brady

When he's happy

When he's mad

When he see's Gisele

When he makes a bad play...

But no matter what the team will always love their leader!

And now onto the playoffs

But until then rest up boys...

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