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18 Holiday Gifts Guaranteed To Satisfy The Geek In Your Life


Geeks. We all have one, and sometimes they can be tough to shop for. Luckily, ThinkGeek has the perfect gift for the geek in your life!

1. This Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp is a great way to light up your favorite wizardly winner's life.

2. The next time your geek tells you they "just need some space," take it as a hint to pick up this eye-catching Planetary Glass Set.

3. Does your geek like snacks? Catch 'em all with this Poké Ball Serving Bowl Set.

4. If your geek is in need of a good trolling, consider the Useless Box Kit.

5. Charge up your mobile devices the way they did long ago in a galaxy far, far away...with this rad BB-8 USB Car Charger.

6. If you can't find a goblet of fire, this Harry Potter Cauldron Mug is the next best thing.

7. They'll love this Death Star Waffle Maker.

8. Space used to be the final frontier, but now it's this Star Trek TOS Board Game.

9. Does your geek like money? Then they'll love this Spellbook Billfold.

10. You can spot a book nerd from a mile away, as long as they're wearing this funky-fresh Olde Book Messenger Bag.

11. Geeks everywhere are losing their heads over this Ned Stark Cell Phone Case.

12. This Rocket Raccoon Backpack is great for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons.

13. Keep your favorite geek fresh and preserved with this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Shower Curtain.

14. If you're looking for a Precious for your precious geek, pick up this Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring.

15. Help your geek regenerate with this adorable Groot USB Car Charger.

16. What geek doesn't want to show their Hogwarts house pride with an assortment of Harry Potter House Comforters?

17. Tantalize your favorite geek's tastebuds with this Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker!

18. And add some wibbly wobbly timey wimey to the Christmas tree with this Doctor Who TARDIS Lighted Ornament.

Images courtesy of ThinkGeek

If you're looking for the perfect gift for that special geek in your life, look no further than ThinkGeek!