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    • Thinkfirstplease

      Derp. The starter rifle isn’t actually theirs to own (that would be illegal), keep in their rooms or to play with. Derp.It is the first weapon you train children in weapon safety on and are always with them when it is present and you the parent of course are the one that maintains and secures the rifle.  What happened here is no different than lettingachild swim unsupervised especially atayoung age, or backing up in your driveway and not realizing that your child was behind you. This list goes on and on. To what doIrefer? Parental responsibility and supervision and the tragedy that can occur if it isn’t present.
      It isn’t about guns, or pools, electricity, stairs, wildlife, seat belts, cars or many other things that without responsibility and supervision of children around them. It is illegal for children to purchase guns. Background checks indeed, Derp. Know existing laws before calling for new ones. Educate yourself.

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