10 Ways Marketers Profit From Your Desperate Need To Lose Weight

It’s so easy, I’m tempted to start a diet brand. But the truth is, there is no shortcut or quick fix. You will have to learn to eat normally. In the meantime, don’t be taken for a fool.

1. They show you the old “before and after.”

If you’re lucky, the word “full” is in the name of the product…to reassure you that you won’t starve while you’re losing all this weight.

2. They imply that fat can simply melt off.

“Fat oxidation” sounds like someone took a blowtorch to your fat, which is exactly what you want to do when you’re overweight - get rid of the stuff without having to think about it.

3. You are provided the name of an unfamiliar doctor with a simple system.

4. You are bombarded with products to buy, so that you don’t have to think about real food.

5. They use symbols of power on their packaging.

Combat bug killer also uses the word “Max” on one variety.

Note the red and black package.

On the lower left there is a seal with a glow around it that says “#1.”

The front of the package says “Complex” and “7” as if you’ve taken charge of a complicated, powerful formula by buying it.

6. They pair you with a likable celebrity, who did it too.

Everybody likes Jennifer Hudson. She is our friend. Weight Watchers knows this.

7. They leave no ingredient unturned.

Green tea, hoodia, acai…it’s all in here.

8. They make it seem like someone is “sharing” a personal story…that will make you feel absolutely disgusting about yourself.

Get it - you’re the one who’s flab, not the one who’s “fab.” All that could change.

9. Either way, it’s going to happen - fast.

Remember Slim-Fast’s jingle: “Give Us A Week, We’ll Take Off The Weight”?

For a double wallop, they got Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford to promote the brand.

10. They tell you no dieting is involved. No change of lifestyle.

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