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Here's What The Internet Would Look Like If It Were Actually Honest

There's a lot of gray matter on the web. With The Zebra's honest search engine, you'll receive auto insurance quotes in black and white.

1. When there's more meaning in a single letter than all of Shakespeare's work.

2. When there's no such thing as a free luxury cruise to the Bahamas.

3. When your search results leave you with more questions than you'd started with.

4. TFW you're catfished by a blouse.

5. The moment you remember you're only seeing influencers' lives through sepia-toned, triple-filtered, curated-hashtag lenses.

6. When you realize that toothbrush ad you clicked on last month is still following you.

7. When your online following is comprised of college friends, family members, and several 12-year-old hackers.

8. When your best friend's responsibilities include sharing gossip, demonstrating empathy, and gassing you the heck up the internet.

Design by Nicole Ench / BuzzFeed

When you're searching for auto insurance, you've got no time for semblances. The Zebra is dedicated to giving you the quotes you need with transparency and simplicity.