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10 Things You Didn't Know You'd Need For The End Of The World

Of course you're packing matches, but what else do you need? These things will help you prepare for a post-apocalyptic lifestyle like the one in the most buzzed about book of the summer — read The Young World to prepare.

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1. Chocolate

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Pretty sure this will become the diamonds of the post-apocalyptic world.

2. A Pour-Over Coffee Maker


Oh, you can't survive without a double soy latte, extra foam, extra hot? We think you'll manage, but this will help with the detox.

3. A Bullet Mold

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Of course you have your gun, and of course you have bullets, but what use is the gun when the bullets run out? Lots, but only if you have a means of making more bullets!

4. Toilet Paper

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Trust us.

5. Bleach

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All the bleach. It can be used to disinfect EVERYTHING, including water for drinking. 'Cause guess what can survive an apocalypse? Viruses, bacteria, and cockroaches, and bleach is good at killing at least two of those. (Three if you count slamming the container on ugly, crunchy cockroach backs.)

6. A Bandana

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It's a sweat guard. It's a wound dressing. It's a fashion statement. If you don't heed #4, it can also be used as toilet paper. But only as a last resort.

7. A Drinking Helmet

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What was once novelty becomes total utility when staying hydrated and wielding a weapon are suddenly the two most important survival tactics around.

8. Crank-Powered Radio

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Radios in the apocalypse are like speaking directly to a higher power. Magical and all-knowing.

9. Condiments.

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You're going to be eating a lot of weird meats you never even thought of as meat. Can't imagine squirrel is USDA approved, so you're going to need something to mask that flavor.

10. Books

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They're like an e-reader, but never run out of electricity.

Looking for a book for the end of the world? Start reading The Young World now, before it's released!