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11 Things That Would Happen If Teenagers Ruled The World

It actually sounds... not bad. Find out exactly what would happen in the post-apocalyptic book that's the most buzzed of summer — The Young World.

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1. All disputes would be solved with video game battles.

2. Extreme fashion would become the norm.

3. Music festivals would become year-long ragers.

4. The drinking age would get immediately, sharply lowered.

5. Leadership would be decided based on who has more "wins" and fewer "fails."

6. The food pyramid would be revised.

7. (Maybe a lot.)

8. Pants would become totally optional.

9. Doctors would prescribe a selfie regimen for most psychological diseases.

10. The speakers would get turned up to 11.

11. And everyone's name would need to be changed to a hashtag.


Find out exactly how a teenage-run society functions in The Young World, which you can start reading now!