Want To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day? Add A Little Sriracha To Your Bedroom

Chances are if you’ve eaten food and liked it, it had Sriracha in it, on it and around it. This right here is the definitive list to spice up your Valentine’s Day… with Sriracha themed sleepwear. And when you’re done sleeping with Sriracha, wake up and cook 50 recipes with “Rooster Sauce”. Sriracha. On. Everything.

1. Put it on your chest

Get them for $24.95 each (unisex fit, can be worn as nightie and a tee)

2. Is that a rooster in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Get ©lucky for only $24.95

3. Embrace your sauciness

Get the top & bottoms for $24.95 each

4. The kinda spice that doesn’t burn…

They’re yours for $19.95

5. Rub your feet all over this

A zinger at $14.95

6. Sauce you can’t lick off

Keep them on your feet for $6.95

7. As promised, get extra saucy in your kitchen with 50 recipes with that delicious Rooster Sauce!

Get cooking for $29.95

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