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6 Moments That Are Awkward AF For People Who Aren’t Flexible

You know those contortionists? Yeah, I’m the complete opposite of that.

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1. Backing That Thang Up at the Club

Kimberly Gedeon

So you know that awkward moment when you’re backing it up on a guy at the club, and he tries to bend you over, but instead you end up looking like an old lady struggling to get off her 70’s floral couch?

*Shudder* Embarrassing much?

2. Dance Battles

You could do the moonwalk, do a few backflips, and even walk on water like Jesus, but once your dance opponent does a split – it’s a wrap. You lost. Done. Over.

If you can’t drop down to the floor like your legs are made of bendy straws, dance battle victories will forever escape your grasp.

3. Warm-Ups During Gym Class

“Okay class, touch your toes!” And there goes the slew of lithe little overachievers that are like:

“Toes?! Ha! How 'bout I can touch the ground. With my palms. Yeah, that's right. Do you see this sh**? My f***ing palms."

7. Yoga Class

If there’s any one place on earth that the unbendable should absolutely avoid, it’s the dreaded yoga class. Well, I mean, unless you find enjoyment in being a stiff buffoon among a bunch of limber know-it-alls, be my guest. Namaste.

8. The Limbo

The best way for that my salty ass can deal with the fact that the limbo will never happen for me is to remind myself that people who excel in dipping under sticks are are extraterrestrial, non-human creatures without a backbone.

I mean, it’s the only explanation, right?

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