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Last Minute Gifts For Every Mom Available At

Are you a procrastinator like me? Don't panic that Mother's Day is just over a week away. These gifts are available on and there is something for every type of mom! You can get these tomorrow and be ahead of the game.

TheWriter14 • One month ago

Celebrate National Pet Day On April 11th With These Fun Goodies For Your Furry Friend

We all love our furry friends every day, but show them some extra love this month to celebrate National Pet Day! You and your pets will thrive with these amazing goodies!

TheWriter14 • 2 months ago

Easter Basket Goodies For Tweens That Isn't Candy

Fill your tweens Easter basket with fabulous goodies that they will love. These gifts will have them laughing with friends, channeling their inner creativity, and feeling so chic and even cozy.

TheWriter14 • 2 months ago

Galentine's Day With Your Besties!

Celebrate Galentine's Day with your tribe of besties with these top 5 products for a perfect night in!

TheWriter14 • 4 months ago

Self-Gifting Is All The Rage This Holiday Season

It’s ok. Self-gifting is all the rage this holiday season. In fact, nearly one quarter of Americans say they usually buy themselves gifts over the holidays, according to a new survey by market research group Mintel. It is the time of year when shoppers are on the hunt for the perfect gift and a little "Happy Holidays To Me" might just be the best medicine to beat holiday shopping stress. Wrap it up and put it under the tree if it makes you feel better, you deserve it.

TheWriter14 • 7 months ago

Entertaining The Relatives---Help!!

Entertaining the whole family this holiday season can be so daunting. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa want to stay for a week. Or cousin Eddie and his crew shows up unannounced?!? What to eat, what to do, what to wear?!?! The struggle is real. Here are some fun ideas to keep the gang fed, having fun and comfortable when they decide to overstay their welcome!

TheWriter14 • 7 months ago

Gifts That Pose As Presents For Kiddos But Parents Will Adore!

These gifts are posing as a present for the kiddos but parents will be loving these products for their little ones. Moms and Dads will thank you for giving these thoughtful and useful products to their kids this year. We have all received those gifts that end up in the bottom of the toy-chest or closet, so don’t be that person this year. Give one of these gifts that will be a hit for kids and parents alike!

TheWriter14 • 7 months ago

Travel Hacks You Need To Know About This Holiday Season

Traveling can be such a nightmare, especially during the busy holiday season. Getting a great travel tip is such a gift,'re welcome! These travel hacks will keep you smiling during this stressful time of year!

TheWriter14 • 8 months ago

Upgrade Your Game Night With These Fun & Hilarious Games

Board games bring people together, in the same room, creating memorable moments with family and friends. But just because you’re looking for those nostalgic get-together moments doesn’t mean you have to play the same old games. Monopoly was the game that would never end, and you could take a nap waiting for each player to conjure up a word during their turn at Scrabble. Here are a list of games that take an age-old tradition and give it a new, fresh twist. AND, bonus….they are all available at Walmart and/or Target for just $20!!

TheWriter14 • 8 months ago

Gifts You Will Be Proud To Give

There is nothing better than finding the perfect gift for the person in your life who either has everything, or annoyingly asks for the receipt. Don't resort to the Amazon Gift Card just yet. Here are some ideas that even the most difficult person on your gift list will be talking about for years to come! Hand over these gifts with confidence and pride knowing that they will be blown away!

TheWriter14 • 9 months ago

Fight Impending Flu Season With These 6 Tips

Kiddos are going back to school and there is football on TV. The season change is just around the corner and you know what that means? Flu Season! It's time to take a pro-active approach to your health. According to WebMD, over 400,000 Americans are hospitalized each year due to the flu. Here is a list of immunity building, germ blocking, flu fighting tips that will help you keep this pesky and dangerous illness at bay!

TheWriter14 • 10 months ago

These 4 Products Will Make Cooking Fun Again!

Need some motivation to bring fun back to your kitchen? I don’t know about you, but I was in the ultimate cooking rut. Boring old chicken and steamed broccoli was not rocking my world and the kiddos just want McDonalds. UGH!! Don’t get me started on my long list of Pinterest fails!! I was on a quest to Make Cooking Fun Again! These simple ideas have totally upped my cooking game and I’m actually excited to get in the kitchen again…..seriously!!

TheWriter14 • 11 months ago

Tips For Making Travel With Kiddos Simple, Clean, Healthy & Fun!

Traveling with kids can be so daunting. All the gear you have to keep track of, the thought of someone getting sick, unruly toddlers on the airplane, and what if someone gets lost at Disneyland? You need a vacation before even hitting the road. Since Mary Poppins won’t be available to travel with you this summer, take along these unbelievable products for a fun, stress- free and healthy vacation for the whole family.

TheWriter14 • 11 months ago

How To Fight Fatigue Naturally!

Summer fun can be so exhausting. I was so sick of being tired all the time and started on a hunt for better ways to combat my constant fatigue than just pounding coffee and chugging energy drinks. These all-natural fatigue-fighters may just have me swearing off coffee forever!

TheWriter14 • 12 months ago

Enjoy Shark Week By The Ummmm.....Pool!

Jumping in the ocean on a hot summer day always sounds like a great idea until you get hooked watching day after day of Shark Week. This National Geographic phenomenon is coming up on July 22nd and again, I know I will vow to never step foot in the ocean again. Even though I only have a 1 in 11.5 million chance of getting attacked by a shark, there is a chance. So, this year I will enjoy Shark Week hanging by the pool with these 7 amazing "shark-free" lounging must haves.

TheWriter14 • 12 months ago

Freestanding & Floating Bathroom Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether your look is modern, shabby chic or classic, these fabulous bathroom trends will add some serious drama to your own private spa oasis.

TheWriter14 • One year ago

Lost In Space Skateboard Goes To, Ummm....... Outer Space

“Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” This famous line from Lost In Space conjures up visions of space adventures that are out of this world! When Bear Walker partnered with Lost In Space to create a special edition skateboard, he knew he had to do something outrageous. What better way to celebrate the announcement of the second season of Lost in Space on Netflix than to send this collector’s edition skateboard to the brink of the earth’s atmosphere?!? Bear Walker created the J2 BEACON and sent this hand-carved piece of art 106,000' into the sky to become the 2nd skateboard to ascend to space (but the Bear Walker skateboard is believed to have traveled higher).

TheWriter14 • One year ago

A Real Glimpse Into A Nat Geo Cover Shoot

A gorgeous image on the cover of National Geographic Magazine conjures up a vision of a Nat Geo team jetting off first class to an exotic location. A starry sky shimmering down upon a gaggle of photographers and assistants. Tens of thousands of dollars of equipment sprinkled throughout the perfectly scouted site. Luxurious sleeping and eating conditions for the crew carefully constructed on the perfect perch. The big-name photographer directing the staff where to hold the reflectors and point the lights. This isn’t exactly the case for the April/May 2018 issue’s cover photographer, Travis Burke. Burke had no idea that one of the 10,000 shots he took that day at “The Wave” in Arizona would be viewed by millions on the coveted cover of National Geographic. Gaining access to The Wave in Arizona takes quite a bit of luck. The Bureau of Land Management only allows 20 people per day to enter into this beautiful but fragile location. ”With no real trail to the location, the almost 6 miles round trip feels more like a treasure hunt than a typical hike, but to me that just adds to the experience,” Travis explains. The photo shoot was far from glamourous. His assistant was his trusty tripod that he relies on to take night photos and to play with different types of long exposures. Dinner consisted of a protein bar that was squished at the bottom of his camera bag. The first-class travel was not on Virgin Atlantic, but rolling in his beloved van, Betty the Grey Wolf. A 20-year-old van that his Grandmother had gifted him. “I had been doing push-ups and shadow boxing to stay warm this night, but my clothes were wet from laying in the snow trying to capture the images that I had spent weeks planning in my head. It could have been completely miserable being miles from anyone in the middle of the desert, wet and cold, but I’ll never forget the way the landscape was softly lit from the glow of the moon and the huge smile I had on my face.” As Burke recollects, it was cold and dark and his feet were sore from exploring the area for over 12 hours. There were no assistants, or lush campsites or glamorous travel plans. But for Travis that isn’t what this journey was about. “These are the moments that make me realize that all of the hard work is worth it, the moments that make me feel alive!” Shortly after he took this now famous photo the storm rolled in, so he packed up his bag and hiked for a few hours through the desert back to his van... with a smile on his face the entire way! From $81 to his name, to 4 years later having his photograph on the cover of the May 2018 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Travis Burke proves that passion and determination can make dreams come true. The widely followed adventure photographer is on a quest to capture the wonders in the world around us. Four years ago, Burke took a huge leap of faith. He decided to trust his instincts and he set out to follow his passions. This calling has taken him around the country in a van affectionately known as Betty the Grey Wolf. He’s visited the backroads of Vermont during Fall to photograph a covered bridge under the star-filled night sky. He’s captured the dangerous, yet stunningly beautiful ice caves in Washington and spent months in Utah exploring some of the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world, searching for the perfect light. Burke is following his dreams, wherever they take him - chasing inspiring images and capturing them for us all to see. Burke’s breathtaking pictures feature the unending beauty of the natural world. A trademark of his images is the human touch: a man on a cliff admiring the beauty before him, a trio trekking through rock formations, a couple kissing under a waterfall. Burke says it helps people experience the emotion and grandeur of the location and imagine themselves being there. Over the past 4 years, Burke has amassed almost 800,000 followers on Instagram and his photos have been seen in Backpacker Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. Along his journey, the avid athlete can be found walking slacklines over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean and just pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft. He’s enjoyed living in the van his grandmother gave him, which he converted himself into the ultimate “adventure mobile.” It’s a life that’s fed his soul. Now Burke wants to pay it forward! Burke wants to inspire other dreamers to get out of their comfort zones and find their passions! Burke started the Ultimate Storyteller contest. It’s open to all types of storytellers: photographers, writers and videographers. The winner will get Travis’ converted van Betty the Grey Wolf, $6,000 worth of gear and a one-on-one mentorship with Travis himself. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for a lucky someone to get to follow their own creative dreams.

TheWriter14 • One year ago