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The Best R&D Deals Ft. S

Some deals are those of the year, some those of the decade and some those of a lifetime. To the many more deals to come....

Bob the Wizard One year ago

Miranda, Love Actually Is All Around You

Because not only do you bring love into people's lives, people around you bring love to you.

Bob the Wizard 2 years ago

21 Reasons Rachel Is Rad

21 but still 12 at heart

Bob the Wizard 4 years ago

The Original 50 Shades Of Grey

What do Christian Grey, Albert Einstein and John Maynard Keynes have in common? More than you think.

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago

The Science Behind Food

Because we all want to know how to make the perfect cookies.

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago

8 Reasons Why We Should Migrate To Canada

Canada is underrated and there are lots of awesome things happening there.

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago

5 Things You Never Knew Could Glow In The Dark

Because everyone loves things that glow in the dark!

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago

Dating In The Digital Age

Things we should consider while dating in the millennial era.

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago

10 Breathtaking New York Sunsets

Because who doesn't love a beautiful sunset

Bob the Wizard 5 years ago